Scientists re-clone 1st cloned dog to see what happens

An international team of researchers have re-cloned the first dog to ever be cloned, to basically find out if genetically identical animals will suffer the same fate. Read Full Article at

‘JIM is dead’: Russia hopes for a new ‘objective & unbiased’ Syria chemical inquiry

Russia is open for discussions on establishing a new, truly impartial mission to investigate chemical attacks in Syria, which, Russia’s UN envoy hopes, will not bear the same chronic deficiencies of the OPCW-UN mechanism that expired last week. Read Full Article at

Better than a refugee camp? Spanish authorities under fire for hosting migrants in prison

The Spanish government has been forced to defend its decision to house around 500 recently-arrived asylum seekers in a prison, following harsh criticism by human rights groups and NGOs, who slammed it as an “unfair criminalization” of migrants. Read Full Article at

Two Australians & their dog survive 4 nights on roof of stuck car ‘surrounded by crocodiles’

Two fishermen became crocodile bait after falling victim to a bog tide in the Australian wild. To escape the hungry predators, they reportedly had to practice their survival skills on the roof of their stranded vehicle for days before help arrived. Read Full Article at

Spanish cyber intelligence finds no evidence of Russian cyber attacks in Catalan crisis

No Moscow-linked intrusion was detected during the Catalonia crisis, Spain’s cyber intelligence unit has announced. Earlier, Madrid decried cyber attacks as part of Russia’s alleged wider online effort to support Catalan independence. Read Full Article at

Bizarre cock-up of Catholic school’s statue sparks apology (IMAGES)

A jaw-dropping design oversight has forced a Catholic school in Australia to cover up a statue erected in honor of a medieval saint. Read Full Article at

‘George Soros seeks a one world government to serve oligarchs, not the people’ – US State Senator

For people like Soros and the globalists; they view the nation-state as a problem, because the nation expresses the will of the people of that nation, and it serves their personal interest, Richard Black, Republican Virginia state Senator, told RT. Read Full Article at

‘Google is agency of the political left, blames Russia for Hillary losing election’

The US Left was ready to continue with Hillary, as they had been going to the private meetings of the White House with Obama for eight years. They are not friends of Trump, says Dave Perkins, radio talk show host & political commentator. Read Full Article at

Putin, Erdogan & Rouhani agree on holding Syrian national dialogue congress in Sochi

An all-Syrian congress, which will see wide representation of the country’s opposition, is to be held in Sochi, Vladimir Putin said after talks with the Turkish and Iranian presidents, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Hassan Rouhani, who backed the idea. Read Full Article at

At one with nature: Russian musician performs piano piece in ‘marble canyon’ (VIDEO)

A pianist from St. Petersburg has shot a video playing his own composition on the waters of the beautiful Marble Canyon in Karelia, northern Russia. Read Full Article at

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