Kitten rescue: Girl ventures onto busy St. Petersburg highway to save stray feline (VIDEO)

A student from a Saint Petersburg college risked her live to save a terrified kitten wandering on a busy highway. The rescue operation saw drivers of a passing ambulance and a trolleybus pulling over to help get the kitten to safety. Read Full Article at

‘Narrow grounds’: US wants to cooperate with Russia on Afghanistan – Moscow

Washington says it want to cooperate with Moscow on Afghanistan, but US sanctions policy narrows down the areas of possible cooperation, unless those are lifted, Russia’s special representative for Afghanistan said after meeting with his US counterpart. Read Full Article at

No renegotiating Iran nuclear deal, all parties fully compliant – EU foreign policy chief

All parties to Iran’s nuclear agreement remain in full compliance with the deal, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said after the Wednesday P5+1 powers’ meeting. She emphasized that the deal had potentially averted a military incursion into Iran. Read Full Article at

Man kills baby girl, then wanders streets with big, bloodied knife (VIDEO)

A man armed with a huge knife was filmed in southern Russia in a tense standoff with cops. Media said he had been wandering the streets after killing the baby daughter of his niece and injuring the mother. Police had to use firearms to arrest him. Read Full Article at

All CCTV cameras vulnerable to infrared attacks – study

All security cameras are vulnerable to attack by infrared light, a transmission invisible to the human eye, which could infiltrate sensitive data like PIN codes and passwords, a new study has shown. Read Full Article at

‘Trump is like a teacher handing out fail grades. Which country will be next?’ – Czech president

Czech President Milos Zeman criticized Donald Trump for lecturing “misbehaving” countries during his address to the UN, and says that the international community should be based on parity – not “masters and students.” Read Full Article at

US security services behind Al Nusra offensive in Syria’s Idlib – Russian MoD

The Russian Defense Ministry says that, according to their data, an offensive launched by Al Nusra terrorists and their allies in Syria was orchestrated by the US security services, aiming at derailing the Syrian Army operation near Deir ez-Zor. Read Full Article at

US spies had info on India’s nuclear missiles years before launch – NSA leaks

The NSA may have known about India’s nuclear-capable Sagarika and Dhanush missiles as early as 2005, newly released documents from the trove obtained by whistleblower Edward Snowden reveal. Read Full Article at

‘Total devastation’: Hurricane Maria brings high winds and flooding to Puerto Rico (IMAGES, VIDEO)

Hurricane Maria has continued its trail of destruction in the Caribbean with Puerto Rico the latest island to feel the force of the storm’s 155mph winds. Read Full Article at

Russia begins troop withdrawal from Belarus after end of Zapad 2017 drills – MoD

Russian troops have started to routinely return to their home bases after the end of the joint Russia-Belarus Zapad 2017 exercises that earlier provoked large-scale hysteria in the West over their nature, numbers and purpose. Read Full Article at

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