Media Partnership Announced between Zdorovie Magazine & Florida Russian Lifestyle Magazine

Florida Russian Lifestyle Magazine and Zdorovie Magazine are delighted to announce a new shared media partnership designed to give clients on either side of the respective companies a broader range of advertising options. The arrangement extends the inventory of ad space to both magazines, which will greatly benefit advertisers who seek their various markets. “It’s a win-win for our clients”, said Veronika Shumkova, PR Manager at SNB Publishing, “because we can now provide national or regionally specific ad space in the Florida market.”
“We’re really excited to be working with SNB Publishing, they are very professional and share our passion for building the Russian speaking community.” said Jef Gray, publisher of Florida Russian Lifestyle. The agreement was reached on August 22, 2012 and begins in the September issues of each magazine.
About Zdorovie Magazine:
Health Magazine Zdorovie is a premier Russian language periodical in the US, published 12 times a year, distributed in 52 states and dedicated to delivering accurate, trusted health and medical information for consumers. It is owned by SNB Publishing Inc, Philadelphia, PA. For more information, visit their online site
About Florida Russian Lifestyle Magazine:
Florida Russian Lifestyle is monthly periodical presenting unique articles, images and perspective on the life of Russian speakers who call Florida home.  The journal focuses on events, community, tourism and people of interest. It is available online and via mobile devices including the Apple iPhone and iPad. Visit them online at