Русские во Флориде газета

International Peace & Film Festival planned for Fall 2015

The Russian-American Community Center of Florida in cooperation with several sponsors is developing a large scale peace & film festival designed to attract a worldwide audience. The event features a unique combination of official and cultural representation along with numerous unexpected highlights.

“This is not a hippie peace festival”, jokes festival chairman, Jef Gray. “It’s designed to enlighten the audience through international film, culture, amazing food and the opportunity to interact with national delegates.”

The festival is segmented into programs as follows:

Proposed floor plan for the International Peace & Film Festival


Attendance at the festival is expected to be high and filled with non stop photo opportunities as each person is encouraged to wear their national costume or colors of their flag. Plans are to make admission free or very low cost, with opportunities to upgrade access to featured programs, screenings, access to the tasting room, knowledge sessions and closing performances.

The festival will conclude with awards for film makers, a national costume fashion show, and follow-on mixers.  The location is expected to be in the International Drive area of Orlando, but is subject to change to accommodate crowd size.
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