Florida Film Festival Wraps Up

Florida Film Festival Wraps Up

The Florida Film Festival completed it’s run of Russian themed films this week, starting on April 9 and running through April 18 in Orlando, Florida at the Enzian Theater. This year there were a number of international films and some of the best, were Russian or had a Russian origin. Here are some of the highlights from the Film Festival’s PR office.

I Am Love – starring Tilda Swinton, a fantastic film surrounding a tale of sexual and class politics, repression, and liberation, in which tradition and modernity collide. Set in beautiful Italia about a Russian woman trying to fit in.

Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky – directed by Jan Kounen. Tells of a compelling story of Coco Chanel after 1913, where her success is no match for any man’s love.

Space Tourists – an international documentary centered around an Iranian – American business women who journeys to space through the Russian space station. The story is juxtaposed with Russian villagers who collect space scrap for money.

The Poodle Trainer – part of our documentary short program, depicts Irina and her poodles are as one—their shared love and devotion as intense as the sun.
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