Irina Bilka

Tampa’s Rising Star of Hair and Makeup There are some people who have a job, they learn a trade or skill and for them going to work is a necessity. Then there are those who are born with an unrelenting passion or dream. Their success is simply a byproduct of the energy and creativity they […]

Зачем в Сочи?

Как обычно, мои клиенты прибывают после полуночи. Как обычно, я ожидаю их в фойе нашего трехзвездочного нефешенебелього отеля. Вот- вот войдут они сюда- усталые, раздраженные- за плечами утомительные перелёты, переезды и пересадки, многочисленные контрольные пункты и бесконечные проверки документов. Перед ними откроется тесноватый, слабосвещенный вестибюль с двумя одинокими креслами, пустующая стойка консьержа, и к их […]

Russian Magazine Launches iPad and iPhone Versions

Florida Russian Lifestyle Magazine has introduced 2 new mobile applications designed for the Apple iPad and iPhone. The online magazine, recognized as “Русские во Флориде” or “Russians in Florida” offers content, video and images about Russian speakers living in Florida.  The magazine became a popular download via iTunes in September 2010 and was the first Russian magazine application […]

Voice of Russia Radio Interviews Jef Gray of

  The Voice of Russia radio program interviewed Jef Gray, publisher of Florida Russian Lifestyle Magazine on July 7, 2011. The interview focused on Russians living in Florida, cultural differences between the United States and Russia and how the community is growing . Jef also shared how he, an American, got involved in the community and business projects […]


Нам везде хорошо. И на том берегу, и на этом. На том: Пробило солнце лучом дырку в занавесках – пора вставать! Вот и будильники, один за другим, прочирикали, проквакали. Чайник уже свистит вовсю из пятиквадратнометровой кухни, а ты еще чистишь зубы с мыслью: когда же будет горячая вода? Так и моржом стать можно! А что, […]

Atlantis to carry “Расвет”

A new Russian module for the International Space Station that will double as a docking compartment and a room for science has been loaded aboard the space shuttle Atlantis at the launch pad 39A for the scheduled May 14 blastoff. The Mini Research Module 1, also known as Rassvet, is the first and only major […]

Women’s Day 8.3.10

To most Americans the observation of International Women’s Day is an unknown and obscure event. However, in Europe and especially Russian speaking countries it is the most recognized holiday for sending flowers, gifts and recognition for women. Imagine a combination of Valentines and Mother’s Day and you’ get the idea. For men who are married […]

iPad Version Coming on December 31, 2011

The next step in the develpment of Florida Russian Lifestyle Magazine is quickly approaching. The online journal which began in July 2010 was a quick success in the Russian speaking market, not only in Florida but worldwide. The release of the free iPhone app, which enabled reading the magazine from the Apple iPhone, saw success […]

LYRA to perform May 5

LYRA: Choral Group from St Petersburg Performing May 5 St. Michael’s Performing Arts Series welcomes back this highly talented choral group from St. Petersburg, Russia. From the highest clear notes of their soprano to the really, really low notes that it seems only a Russian bass can sing – their performances are exquisite. The first […]

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