Irina Bilka

Tampa’s Rising Star of Hair and Makeup There are some people who have a job, they learn a trade or skill and for them going to work is a necessity. Then there are those who are born with an unrelenting passion or dream. Their success is simply a byproduct of the energy and creativity they […]

Life After the Lottery

The Immigration Act of 1990 created a diversity visa lottery to encourage legal immigration to the United States. The program was meant to address the needs of countries that are less represented in overall applicants. This inludes many of the post Soviet and European countries. Each year up to 50,000 diversity visa’s, that include a […]

Russian Film To Feature: Orlando Film Festival

October 17 and 19, 2013 at the Cobb Theatres / Cobb Plaza Cinema Cafe 155 South Orange Avenue Orlando, Florida 32801 Click for Map The feature film Clubhouse, written and directed by award-winning Yuri Shapochka, will be presented at the Orlando Film Festival. Clubhouse stars Tim Abell (Soldier of Fortune) and Leslie Easterbrook (Police Academy, […]

Your Friendly Neighborhood Matchmaker

A traditional method of finding your future spouse demonstrates success in spite of prolific dating sites. “Men are hunters and women are fisherman”, says Lana Schilling, a Tampa based match maker who has emerged with time honored methods of connecting future couples. “The man wants to go and find his future wife, he is a […]

Oasis of Russian Art at Gallery on Fifth – Naples, FL

On January 25, 2013 Gallery on Fifth celebrated its Grand Opening Gala Exposition “From Russia with Art”. The Gala Opening which attracted a publicity and high attendance, included performances by classical pianist and violin players, as well as a fiery ballroom dance performance. The gallery, owned by Olga Arkhangelskaya, was originally opened in 2000 on […]

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