Geographic Study of Russian Speakers Living in the US

The US Census Bureau has released a geographic study of Russian speakers and where they live in the United States. The focus of the study was on all languages, not only Russian, revealing the number of those who speak a foreign language in the home.  The American Community Survey (ACS) asks, “What Language is Spoken […]

What a foreigner needs to know about job income in the US.

What are the top paying jobs in the United States? As a foreigner, considering life in the United States always presents the question, “How much will I need to earn to afford living there?” The answer varies, based on where you will live and how many people you intend to support on a given wage. […]

Solar Eclipse: Views from Florida 8.21.17

The entire US gathered in their favorite places to witness the total solar eclipse as it tracked across the country on August 21, 2017. Special glasses and caution for viewing the eclipse was tremendously overplayed, but the idea of enjoying the complete cycle of the moon crossing in front of the sun was at the […]

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Coral Castle: Megalithic Mystery or Romantic Testimonial?

The Story of Florida’s Coral Castle Egypt has pyramids, England has Stonehenge, and Florida has the Coral Castle. The construction of them all is shrouded in mystery but fortunately, the tools and original equipment used in constructing the Coral Castle is still available to view. You can also learn the intriguing story of Edward Leedskalnin, […]

Откройте для себя Венецианский бассейн

Корал Геиблз, Флорида. Венецианский бассейн был построен в 1923 году из кораллового карьера градостроителем Джорджи Мериком. Средиземноморский стиль бассейна отражает видение Мерика сделать Корал Геиблз вдохновенным местом для жизни. Бассейн вмещает 820,000 галлонов природной родниковой воды, и она наполняется и спускается каждый день в весенние и летние месяцы. Оригинальный дизайн бассейна, представленный в виде “Венецианского […]

Meet Aleksey Gavrilov, known to millions as Clown Sergio the Italian Juggler

He has been featured on Univision’s Good Morning America, and performs seven shows per day at Walt Disney World’s Epcot. Meet Aleksey Gavrilov, known to millions as Clown Sergio the Italian Juggler. Aleksey receives rave reviews from crowds for his character performances but his journey from early life in Russia to fame in the US […]

Bob Thissen, An Urban Explorer’s Tale

Abandoned buildings in the Baikonur Cosmodrome sit quietly gathering dust as their operational value to Russia’s space program has passed.  While the eyes of the media focus on the newest advances in science, an urban explorer named Bob Thissen dreamed of exploring those dust covered buildings and their internal treasures. Baikonur or Star City, as […]

Места: где побывать – ПАРК БОК ТАУЭР ГАРДЕНЗ

В небольшом городке Лейк Уэльс в центре штата Флорида Вас ждет изумительный парк. Он называется Bok Tower Gardens). Многочисленные сады парка с огромным количеством видов растений, цветов и фруктовых деревьев подобно обертке от конфет прячут в своей середине удивительную начинку – колокольню, способную вселить в Вас благоговение и одновременно вдохновить. Сады были названы в честь […]

Shuttle Discovery launch 4.5.10

Space shuttle Discovery lit up Florida’s Space Coast sky about 45 minutes before sunrise Monday with a 6:21 a.m. EDT launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The launch began a 13-day flight to the International Space Station and the second of five shuttle missions planned for 2010. Discovery is scheduled to dock to the space station […]

Film Festival Announces Award Winners

Winners in the 2016 International Peace & Film Festival were announced on January 17, 2017. A total of 145 filmmakers competed across categories from Documentary, International Narrative, Shorts and Music Videos. 40 Finalists were selected for the judge’s panel to review, with 9 award winners being selected as the best in their category. Submissions came […]

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