2018 International Peace, Film and Fashion Festival Announced

The International Peace & Film Festival is currently accepting submissions for the January 2018 event, to be held in Davenport, Florida. IPFF will be held in the Cinépolis IMAX theater and will include screenings of top selected films, and the Izuminka Euro Fashion Expo during the awards ceremony. Mixers, after parties and mingling with world […]

Eyes of Tamara Knight

 The story of Tamara and her nineteen year journey from the Crimean peninsula, across the US and now in Oviedo is filled with intriguing revelations that even her biggest fans may not know. Read on! The visual craft of Tamara Knight is well known in Central Florida, her photographs of families, babies, brides and business […]

Meet Aleksey Gavrilov, known to millions as Clown Sergio the Italian Juggler

He has been featured on Univision’s Good Morning America, and performs seven shows per day at Walt Disney World’s Epcot. Meet Aleksey Gavrilov, known to millions as Clown Sergio the Italian Juggler. Aleksey receives rave reviews from crowds for his character performances but his journey from early life in Russia to fame in the US […]

Bob Thissen, An Urban Explorer’s Tale

Abandoned buildings in the Baikonur Cosmodrome sit quietly gathering dust as their operational value to Russia’s space program has passed.  While the eyes of the media focus on the newest advances in science, an urban explorer named Bob Thissen dreamed of exploring those dust covered buildings and their internal treasures. Baikonur or Star City, as […]

Shuttle Discovery launch 4.5.10

Space shuttle Discovery lit up Florida’s Space Coast sky about 45 minutes before sunrise Monday with a 6:21 a.m. EDT launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The launch began a 13-day flight to the International Space Station and the second of five shuttle missions planned for 2010. Discovery is scheduled to dock to the space station […]

Day of Russia 2013

Celebrating the Day of Russia at the Embassy in Washington, DC USA The idea sounded too good to be true. But when the invitations arrived, it became a reality: the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. had invited the board of directors for the Russian-American Community Center of Florida to come enjoy Russia’s national holiday at […]

Community to host Fall Fashion Expo: Izuminka

The Russian-American Community Center of Florida (RACCF) will host a Fall Fashion Expo on November 8, 2014. The event, which serves as a fund raiser for the center, will feature the talent of local East European designers, stylists, and models. The Expo will be a high level event that will bring in the general public […]

Путешествие Во Времени, Или Фестиваль Ренессанса

XIV веке Европа «распрощалась» с темнотой Средневековья и вступила в новую эру — эпоху Возрождения. Зародившись в Италии, а затем, постепенно распространяясь по остальной европейской территории, Ренессанс «царствовал» до начала XVII века. В эпоху Возрождения развиваются культура, искусство и наука. Немаловажно, что именно в этот период первые поселенцы из Западной Европы прибывают на американские земли. […]

International Peace & Film Festival planned for Fall 2015

The Russian-American Community Center of Florida in cooperation with several sponsors is developing a large scale peace & film festival designed to attract a worldwide audience. The event features a unique combination of official and cultural representation along with numerous unexpected highlights. “This is not a hippie peace festival”, jokes festival chairman, Jef Gray. “It’s […]

Lara Fabian Concert Ticket Raffle

RACCF in partnership with France Rocks are please to announce the upcoming Lara Fabian Greatest Hits tour for 2015. The concert includes a one night performance on Saturday March 28th at the Hardrock Live in Hollywood, Florida. France Rocks has donated two tickets to the Lara Fabian concert to be used as a raffle prize […]

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