Shashlik in the Park- 11.4.10

Spring weather has arrived and we want to enjoy it by having a picnic in the park which will include “Shashlik”! This will a wonderful opportunity to meet new members and spend time chatting with friends and family. There is a playground for the small children, walking/skating/bicycle trails, a petting zoo and a lake with a pier for those who want to fish–something for everyone.

What to bring: This is a potluck so please bring a side dish large enough to share with others and whatever meat you wish to grill. Please remember to bring charcoal and grill utensils if you plan on making Shashlik.

When: Sunday, April 11, 2010. We will start at noon, and begin heating up the grills when we have enough people ready to use them.

The Society will provide water, soda, cups, plates, napkins and utensils. Alcohol is not permitted (to be seen) in the park so please plan accordingly.

Look for the Russian and American Flags when you enter the park, we usually select a pavilion near the playgrounds.

About Shashlik: Shashlik is a Russian tradition similar to what Americans call shish-ka-bob. Beef, pork, lamb or other types of meet are loaded onto skewers and mixed with spices, vegetables and then cooked over an open flame. The meat is usually marinated for several hours prior to being cooked. Each family has their own unique way of preparing shashlik making it important to explore the creativity of other’s recipes.

Event Follow Up:

The Orlando Russian Culture Society held it’s 100th event on Sunday, April 11, 2010. The venue selected was a park where members could share food and cook “Shashlik” the Russian version of American shish-kabob. “This is our most requested activity, by far!”, said Jef Gray, director of the Society. “It’s the perfect way to commemorate 100 events since we started back in 2004.”