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Natalia Leon – Permanent Makeup Artist


Natalia Leon is widely considered to be one of the top permanent makeup artist in Russia, having served as one of the founders of this art form in Russia in the late 1990’s, early 2000’s.

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At her studio in Moscow, Natalia uses Long-Time Liner ™ technology to apply permanent makeup for both aesthetic and corrective purposes, with services ranging from filling in sparse eyebrows to reconstructing nipples post-mastectomy.

Holding an Elite level licence from Long-Time Liner ™, Natalia frequently travels both within Russia and abroad as a speaker and master class permanent makeup coach. Her work has won her national and international acclaim in the permanent makeup field, with a 3rd place win at the Russian National Championship in Permanent Makeup sponsored by Long-Time Liner ™, and a 4th place finish at the Polish National Championship.


Permanent make-up has become more common among the various beauty treatments available to modern day women. Florida Russian Lifestyle sat down with Natalia Leon, an industry leader in permanent makeup, to find out more about the art and the artist.

FRLM: How long have you been doing this kind of work?

NL: I started about 14 years ago.

FRLM: What skills or education did you need to develop before you were able to do this successfully?

NL: I have a degree in Art, which has helped me tremendously in my profession. My first education, however, was as a cosmetologist, and I have extensive practical experience (more than 17 years) in that field. The union of those two backgrounds-art and cosmetology, has enabled me to develop a high level of skill and become an expert in my field. In addition to my educational background, being hard-working, goal-oriented, tenacious, and at times stubborn, has also contributed to my success.

Natalia Leon
Natalia Leon

FRLM: You currently own a studio and work with clients as well. What were the biggest challenges you faced as you built the business?

NL: IIt’s difficult to find skilled artists to work in the studio. This has been the biggest challenge to date: finding qualified people with strong professional training. I invest a great deal of time teaching new artists before I can trust them to touch the faces of my clients.

FRLM: Are there any downsides to choosing this method of enhancement over traditional makeup?

NL: In my opinion, No. There are only advantages, especially for people with allergies to cosmetics or those whose limited vision inhibits their ability to apply cosmetics correctly. For them, permanent makeup has extensive benefits. Also, clients who have suffered injuries, burns or related surgeries find it difficult to use makeup every day. They see permanent makeup as a quality of life enhancement as it diminishes complexes they may have about their appearance.

FRLM: Your client list is quite impressive, can you tell us some of the celebrities you have worked with?

NL: To be honest, I treat everybody the same way and rarely ask my clients who they are or what they do. It is important to me to help everyone. Of course, sometimes they may mention certain aspects of their lives. Several of my clients are actresses, working in theatre, film and television. I’ve also worked with distinguished physicians, who frequently refer their clients to my studio, and with well-known beauty bloggers.

FRLM: What are your future plans for the business?

NL: To continue developing and growing my business, . I hope to open a studio offering permanent makeup services in Florida within the next 12 to 18 months.

FRLM: If someone wanted to get enter the profession of permanent makeup, how should they get started?

NL: First you need to ask yourself honestly – “Why do I want to be in this profession?” If the motivation is money, then I recommend you become a stock broker. This speciality requires a lot of investment – your time, energy and money. If you are not afraid of obstacles and have a desire to help clients through permanent cosmetics then look for a good school or coach and be ready to learn continuously.

For more information about Natalia Leon, examples of her work, and contact information for her Moscow-based studio, please visit:

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