International Peace & Film Festival announces selections for 2020

IPFF announced the selection of ninety-one films for the January 2020 film festival to be held in Orlando, Florida. The total competition was comprised of submissions from fifty-five countries, with categories such as Narrative, Short Films, Documentaries, Animation and Music Videos/Trailers.

The majority of themes revolve around peace, culture, ecology and inspired art. “These are independent films, some made with minimal budgets, and others by small production firms,” Said Jef Gray, the festival founder and director. “The talent of the artists is undeniable, and the diverse cultural sources of films create a unique tapestry of perspective that doesn’t exist in main stream film.”

Culture is at the heart of IPFF, each festival has had vast numbers of countries participate, both in films and attendance. The festival has also grown in scope since it’s humble beginnings as peace event in 2014.

It began as a cookout at a local park, with representatives from American and East European countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Since that time, Gray saw a chance to be more inclusive with countries worldwide, and to combine artistic talents as a way to further promote peace.

“We’re not political, there are no protests, only sharing of art, knowledge and culture. It’s positive and uplifting that way, and it allows everyone to experience what peace looks and feels like—mutual respect and appreciation.” Said, Gray.

Art is featured in many forms during the festival. While independent film is the core, it is joined by a program called Artifex, where visual artists work on their craft while interacting with audiences in a street style gallery. Fashion is also a popular part of the program, the Izuminka Euro Fashion Expo occurs during the award ceremony, mixing models adorned in elaborate gowns with announcements of top films. International folk dancers and musicians also perform throughout the festival.

The International Peace & Film Festival is free to the public, the staff, artists and performers volunteer their time and talent in promoting peace. Event costs are covered through sponsorships.  Visit the official website for complete details:

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